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In-Game Rules Empty In-Game Rules

Post  mod fall3n on Sun Jun 07, 2009 6:21 pm

Breaking these rules will result in kick/mute/ban/ipban

1: Never spam the server-Ipban
2: Dont cuss in excess-Kick/Mute
3: No autoing/afk training-Kick
4: Dont abuse any commands. Ex-::yell, ::suggest-Ban
5: No asking for staff, apply on fourms-Kick/Mute/Ban
6: Farcasting is allowed-teleporting to farcaster is not-Ban untill appeal
7: Anyone found with rares without permission will be banned
8: Absolutly no rares are to be traded or kept-Item returned-No cash back-Failing to do so will result in ban
9: No begging for free stuff-Kick/Mute
10: No advertising other servers-Mute/Ban if continued
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